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Opening Act: Live, Loud & Lovin’ It

Had a great time with Foster Campbell and Friends opening for Elvin Bishop and B.B. King at the Majestic Fox Theater, November 26, 2011. For us, this event was the highlight of 2011. Thank you friends & neighbors for your encouragement and support.
FCnF - Live, Loud & Lovin' ItThe gig was awesorific. connected with the audience and received a very enthusiastic response.

Load In:
Danny Lipco & the Fox treated us well, gracious hospitality & steaks for dinner. (But, the Heinekens were, of course,  for Mr. King.) I got chance to chat with some of Elvin's band Elvin Bishop's Band checks inmembers including Trombonist, Eddy Earley, & Guitarist, Bob Welsh as well as Mr. King's drummer, Tony Collette. But, we weren't able to meet w/Elvin or Mr. King themselves. We set up and had time for a line check. The opening act always get the lowest priority when sound check time comes around, but we were treated like headliners by the venue and sound crew.

provided us that professional, Big League, sound befitting a juggernaut band like ours. Our goal was to ably represent Bakersfield on a stage preceding high caliber artists like Roadhouse Warrior, Elvin Bishop, and  Blues Legend, B.B. King. The set ran like clockwork. Tanner Byrom (drums) and Brett Seaton (bass) kept the pulse in check while Dave Sands (bari) anchored The Double Stuff Horns. My band mates nailed all our marks. Geri Campbell sweetened the mix with her tasty vocals. Foster delivered the blue-eyed soul captaining our band into to Hi-Octane mode. Kudos to , Chris Neufeld, Dennis Wilson and John (Jam Master) Hollins for their stellar solos.

Fan footage of the end of our set during the B.B. King/Elvin Bishop Concert.

It felt like the audience was pulling for us to do well and THAT gave us the energy to succeed.  Thank  you Bakersfield!

After our set, The Lovely Diane and I got a chance to "chillax," just sit back and enjoy the rest of the concert, as if we were on a date. 

Elvin Bishop Rocks:
Elvin and his band have honed their skills to a World Class level. Elvin Bishop’s sextet brought an impressive mix of blues, wit, energy,  humor and chops.
Elvin Bishop takes it to the Bakersfield audience.
One of the highlights of the set came when Elvin walked out into the audience. He was generous throughout the course of the set giving his musicians ample time in the spotlight. This set was well worth the price of admission on it’s own.

B.B. King Rules:
The set started out featuring his band, King of the Blues and his Band at The Fox Theater, Bakersfielda well oiled Blues Machine indeed. The King of the Blues entered the stage to a raucous ovation. B.B. King shared a few tales and delighted the crowd with his subtle blues lines. All in all it was a great experience.
B.B. King performing at the Bakersfield Fox Theater

Foster Campbell and Friends - Opening for Elvin Bishop & B.B. King
Thank you to Dennis Mulelady and Foster Campbell for getting us this gig. Thank you to Danny Lipco and the Bakersfield Fox Theater for including us on the roster and for all their hospitality. Thank you to the Pac West sound & stage team Bruce Milburn, Al, Power, Loren, Jason and the rest of the crew for all their expertise and hard work. Looking forward to the next event.

For more info on FCnF go to: or

Foster Campbell and Friends: Fox Theater Line-up

Leader/Guitar/Lead Vocals: Foster Campbell

The Tasty Vocals: Geri Campbell

The Seaton Sound Machine:
Lead Guitar & Solo: Chuck Seaton
Bass: Brett Seaton
Keyboards/Lead Vocals: Chris Neufeld
Drums: Tanner Byrom

The Double Stuff Horns:
Trumpet: John Hollins
Alto/Tenor Sax: Dennis Wilson
Tenor Sax/Horn Arr: Mac McClanahan (Lead vocal on Them Changes)
Bari Sax: Dave Sands

Stage Sound: Pacific West Sound

Foster Campbell and Friends in Hi-Octane Mode:

Foster Foster Campbell and Friends in Hi-Octane ModeFoster Campbell and Friends in Hi-Octane Mode

Thanks for listening.


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  1. Cool blog cuz and congrats on playing with some legends. Keep at it one and day we will saying that about you - Mac, the legend! God Bless,
    Melton McClanahan