Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saxman Meets Shufflin’ Nick

Sometimes the audience is as fun as the band. I was performing with    at The Marketplace, Bakersfield, CA for Via Arte on Saturday, October, 8 2011 when I saw Nick kickin’ up his feet toBako Rhythm Chris Neufeld’s performance of Mustang Sally. When my ride came up, I walked over to him to give him a little something extra for his shuffle. The band and the audience had a great time. I dug his shuffle.
Here’s a clip of that moment posted by Christa Hunt, thatsomefunny, on YouTube. 
Saxman meets Shufflin’ Nick

Thank you, Ms. Hunt, for posting the video clip. Also, thanks go to Foster Campbell, Chris Neufeld (Vocal/Keyboard), Chuck Seaton (Guitar), all the other cats in Foster Campbell and Friends and the responsive audience at Via Arte.
FCnF at Via Arte 2011

Hi-Octane rhythm and blues!